About the Band

The Solares Band brings to you an all original music venue that will bring back the "feel good times" of the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

Our music covers many different styles such as Rock, Country, Blues, Island, R&B, Latin and many more. No matter what your musical preference, you will find many songs that will make you sing along.

Our music is about FUN, FUN, FUN. If you like to dance, we are your band. Besides having fun and dancing, you will have the opportunity to meet some new, very cool, fun people. Our fans, which we refer to as "Our Family."

So turn off your TV, put on your best outfit, and join us for a great evening of music, laughter, food, and great wines!

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Little Black Dress Contest

Our Little Black Dress Contest was inspired by one of our songs, “Girl With A Little Black Dress.”

We usually play this song at the beginning of our second set. This is a fun time for everybody but especially for all the ladies (or Men) wearing a Little Black Dress.

Make sure to wear your Little Black Dress and get out on the dance floor while we play the song. At the end of the song, the audience will decide who the winner is of the “Little Black Dress Contest!”

Remember! The more friends you bring to cheer for you, the better the chance of you winning prizes which can include free dinners, free drinks, or merchandise!